Hi, I’m Helen and I live in the UK

This is for those taking part in the amazing trials about to take place this Autumn for a new drug procedure for blind people that almost guarantees to totally restore our sight!

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My sister tells me that some of you are chatting about the trials on Twitter, I just can’t get to grips with Twitter, it’s not very accessible. But she said there’s already a bit of a buzz about it. So, have a look out on there for other people who are going to be joining us in Zagreb. She said people are using a hash tag thing called eyes. I’m supposed to write that #eyez. She’s sitting here right now making sure I get this right for you, so you can go on there and see what people are saying.

But please don’t forget to come back on here to tell me all your news and plans for your trip to Zagreb. And this is where I’ll be putting my video diary while we are out there, so all our loved ones can follow our progress through the trials.

15 Oct: Lonely love

Impromptu poetry reading here of something that seemed apt, by Antun Matos, whose statue this is. Nina’s getting very good at audio describing everything for me.

‘My light is dimming…’ Not for me Antun! Looking forward to seeing the light very soon


16 Oct: bad news

Just learned the trials have been put off til Monday. So more waiting around – feeling a bit low. At least I’m here with PJ, Debs and the rest so we can hold hands together I suppose.

I’ve managed to get Dr Cudo at Sloboda Clinic to agree to an interview though, and I’ll upload that – hopefully in the next few days.

17 Oct: return to the shrine

Decided to pop back to the Stone Gates in Zagreb old town and this time caught it with candles lit to the dead. Felt like I needed to say a little prayer for myself and the others too, that this wait for a cure will finally end.

21 Oct: This is it!!

So today is the day of the trials that Professor Cudo says will cure my visual impairment. Here are my first thoughts from this morning, I’ll be posting all today’s events as I go along. Thanks so much for following us all on our path to regaining our sight

21 Oct: First to go

PJ and Stephen are here, and Larry Loo has just been called in for treatment. Sadly one of the other patients here found it all too much. I am feeling quite overwhelmed myself

IMPORTANT: from Gordon

Hello Everyone,
I’m going to post here on Helen’s blog to share what I know about what’s going on in Zagreb. If anyone knows anything, please share it on here so we can keep each other informed.
All I know for sure is that I haven’t heard anything from Helen since late on Sunday night. I’ve tried to phone the hotel where she was staying, but I just get a strange tone. I don’t know what it means. I tried to email and phone the clinic, but no one answers anything.
I know that a lot of you haven’t heard from your family and friends either, and I haven’t heard from anyone who has found out anything.
I told Helen I was very worried about these trials. I followed up on something I saw on here about Professor Cudo and the clinic not showing up on a Google search. I just couldn’t find anything about him. Helen’s sister looked into it more closely and she couldn’t find any mention of the clinic or Professor Cudo on the website for the European council for Research into Sensory Restoration.
Please, if anyone hears anything from someone out there, let us know.
I’ll do the same. If we all stick to this thread now we can all keep track of what’s happening.
Good luck everyone.


This is Gordona gain i’ve just found this
i got into helens youtube account & there is some more footage it seems to be from last Monday but. She must have uploaded it somehow God i’m so sorry it looks like something terrible happened PLEASE CAN ANYBODY OUT IN ZAGREB PLEASE CONTACT ME I HAVE TO FIND HELEN I DON’T KNOW SHE MIGHT STILL BE ALIVE

I’ve got to find Helen. I’m going to get a flight out tomorrow and see if the Foreign Office or somebody can help me find Cudo PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE MISSING A LOVED ONE AND WOULD LIKE TO SEARCH FOR THEM WITH ME