15 Oct: Zagreb’s shrine for the dead

We passed a statue of St George on the way to a spooky part of the old town, we had to be quiet filming here as there are people praying. The Stone Gates are where people light candles for the dead

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2 Responses to “15 Oct: Zagreb’s shrine for the dead”

  1. Steph says:

    Oh Helen,
    I’m so jealous of you all. I want to keep watching to see how you get on, but I just keep wishing I was out there with you all.
    I’m still saving though. I’m really looking forward to your interview with Dr Cudo so I can hear more about the trials.
    I’m so determined I am going to get this treatment somehow.
    good luck

  2. Chaz says:

    Hey Everyone in Zagreb,
    I had an email from Dr Cudos’ office to say I can’t come after all. Something to do with my other medical problems (I have Meniere’s Disease too). They thought it would be okay for me, but they’re worried about my terrible balance.
    Anyway, hope it all goes great for everyone.

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