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Hi, I’m Helen and I live in the UK

This is for those taking part in the amazing trials about to take place this Autumn for a new drug procedure for blind people that almost guarantees to totally restore our sight!

Sloboda Clinic

It seems absolutely unbelievable, but it’s true! I’ve just been selected for the clinic’s trials and I can’t quite believe it!

I want to make contact with anyone else who has been selected for these trials taking place during the week of October 13th to 18th 2013 at The Sloboda Clinic in Zagreb Croatia.

I’m feeling a mixture of so many things right now … so I decided to set up this patient’s forum page  and hope the clinic will let other trial patients  know so I can find out who else is out there…?

Where do you come from?   Why are you doing it? How are you all feeling about going?

I’ll start with something about myself, but I’m not that much into writing loads, so I’m going to post a short video about myself instead on this page and give you an idea  of who I am and why I decided to apply for the trials.

If you’ve heard about this new treatment or have been selected for the trials please post your thoughts and comments here or even better your own video clips!

If you want to find out more about the  trials visit the Slaboda Clinic here.

Here are some relevant articles I’ve found in the news:

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4 Responses to “About me”

  1. Mark Ong says:

    Hi, this is really exciting!I’m a bit nervy, but what the hell, we’re all part of the lucky few!

    All the best to us all!

    Yours Sincerely

    Mark Ong

  2. A.D.Davies says:

    Hi great website and films. Lots of excitment and energy here. Look forward to seeing Helen and others films from Zagreb when you get there. Keep up the good work. ADD.

  3. Claire Greegan says:

    Wow! Word is getting around, lots of lucky people. The few of us down here in Essex are getting excited, we’re trying to keep mum about it as you know how funny people can get when you’ve got something they haven’t. People have seen the website – don’t know how they know but word – the buzz is definatly out there! All the best to everyone – “see” you soon. Claire; Wickford,Essex – the greatest county in England!

  4. Andy Gumm says:

    Hi to everyone espiecally to Claire and all of us from Essex. Love the website and all the films.Don’t know why people are saying they are “nervy” this is our new begining!Be able to watch lost of rubbish television now.Oh, and Claire you can buy me a pint when we get back – right!

    From Andy Gumm – Essex, but defiantly not an Essex man!

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