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11 Responses to “30 Sept: AJ in central London – 14 days to go”

  1. Helen says:

    Hi AJ,

    It’s great to hear from you. It sounds like you and your new wife have gone through so much together, and I really really hope the trials work out for you. It’ll be wonderful for your new family if you come back from Zagreb with your sight all restored. It’s Zagreb, Croatia, don’t forget that, we all want to see you there. 

    There will be a lot of us taking our first look at our children, or our partners or parents for the first time in years. First time ever for some of us. I wonder what we will all think of them when we see them.

    Hey, there’s a thought. We should all bring photos so we can all spend an evening together looking through the pictures of all the people in our lives.

    Who’s up for that?

    Parting from your Guide dog sounds heart breaking though, AJ. Will they let you keep him when you get your sight back, or will they have to take him away and give him to someone else? How awful that would be for you. Have you been together long? Maybe you can get a pet dog anyway, if he has to go.

    I’m getting so excited about meeting everyone in Zagreb. I feel as if I know so many of you already. It’s brilliant.

    Take care


  2. Josh says:

    Hi AJ. My girlfriend is pregnant too, and I can’t wait to see her, never mind seeing our baby when it arrives. It’s going to be amazing to watch it being born. Maybe I’ll even get to see it on the monitor thing at her next scan.
    See you in Croatia, mate.

  3. Xian says:

    You sound so sorted out in your life. And losing your dog is so bad. Why do this?

  4. Zaz says:

    Hi Tom, I’m booking my ticket to Zagreb right now, handsome. I’ll be the one giving you smouldering looks across the room. You won’t want to miss me. I sure hope your eye thing works out so we can hook up. Zaz

  5. Barnie says:

    Hi AJ, You are so lucky to work and have a wife and a guide dog to take you out. Where I live I cannot work, and I am stuck at home with my Mum and Dad all the time. They drive me mad, but I can’t go out alone. We just watch telly all day and I think I’m going to go crazy if I see another show about antiques. I never had a girlfriend. I tried for the trial, but my Mum found out and told me to take my name off the list, so I won’t be there.
    I wish I was coming and hope it works out for everyone.

    • BAZ says:

      Hi Barnie,
      God. That’s seriously sick. Where do you live? Maybe someone can come and help you out. Tell your parents what for or something. You should stand up to them. It’s your life, don’t let them tell you what to do. There’s some great girls out there looking for love. Why don’t you have a go at online dating?

      • Jessy says:

        Back off Baz. The poor guy has it bad enough without you stirring him up. Barnie, you hang in there. Things will get better. You sound so sweet, you won’t always be alone. Keep smiling.

  6. LB says:

    Hi AJ
    I hope you can keep your dog. Then you can throw balls and toys for him and he can play with you, not just work all the time. It will be great for him too.
    Good luck to you both

  7. yvonne p says:

    Hi AJ
    I had to give up my dog for retraining when I had my cataracts removed and found that my MD wasn’t nearly as bad as I had always thought. I could see so much better and I didn’t need her anymore. It was really hard to let her go, but I love to think of her making such a difference in someone else’s life now. It does make me feel better.

    Good luck. Getting your sight back is just the best thing.

  8. AJ says:

    Hi Helen,

    I’m watching your posts with mixed feelings. I can’t come out to Zagreb after all. Things are a bit rocky with the pregnancy just now, my wife hasn’t been too well, so I decided this really isn’t a good time to leave her alone and go off on such a huge journey myself.

    I’ll be watching though, to see how you all get on out there, and I hope it goes well for everyone. If all goes well, maybe I’ll be able to get the treatment sometime after the baby is born.

    Best of luck


  9. Josh says:

    Hi AJ

    Such a shame you can’t make it,mate. Me neither. We just can’t afford the air fare with the baby on the way.

    Sorry your missus is having trouble. Hope all turns out okay for you.

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