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6 Responses to “26 Sept: Debs in Brighton – 18 days to go”

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Debs,

    Great to see your video. You touched a nerve for me when you talked about being afraid that your boyfriend might leave you because he’s embarrassed. I lost a really close friend when my sight got to the stage that I had to use a cane. It hurt so much that she couldn’t accept me as I was. But I do wonder if Luke is really the kind of person you’d want to be with if he would leave you because of your sight loss.

    It sounds like your sight is not too badly affected, so you must be really worried about losing him if you’re willing to take part in the trials. He’s obviously very special to you.

    I hope all works out for you with him, even if the trials don’t restore your sight

    It’s funny how many of us seem to be doing this for someone else in a way, or because of what other people think. Makes me wonder if that’s right or not.

    See you soon, Debs.

  2. Jade says:

    I think we don’t need people in our lives who can’t accept us as we are.

    Everyone has faults, just some of them are more obvious than others, and some are physical. No one should feel they have to change themselves to be acceptable to others. If it’s finding a cure or having a breast enlargement, it’s all about fitting in. Be proud of who and what you are. Celebrate your differences.

    Love and light

  3. Baz says:

    Oh, for God’s sake. Jade clearly hasn’t got a clue. Having bigger boobs is nothing like being able to see again. How can you even make that comparison?

  4. Anon says:

    My God ‘Debs’! don’t worry, I won’t tell Luke or anyone else.But trials in Zagreb? Really? You sure about this? JD

  5. Lucy says:

    Hi Debs,

    It is difficult.
    That’s how things go but there is support out there for you.
    Obviously you’re going to Zagreb and hopefully you’ll return with 20/20
    But there are ways you can be just as independent with a sight condition and the main thing is to understand that just because your partially blind doesn’t make you any less worthy of anything. I now make a point of stopping and talking to people who know nothing about visual impairment. Being partially blind people dont seem to understand the difficulty faced because I don’t have a sign on my head.
    But sorry to sound like sa councillor but before anyone else can get what your going through, you have to accept it yourself.

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