6 Sept: My video diary – 38 days to go

I’ve decided to keep a video diary during my week at the clinic and will be  posting the films of what happens each day of the week we are there from October 13th to 18th so our friends and family can  get  daily developments here!

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4 Responses to “6 Sept: My video diary – 38 days to go”

  1. Hans Goldman says:

    I was referred to Professor Cudo by another specialist because of his skills in certain eye treatments and I met him for one consultation but he didn’t mention this treatment to me. Hans Goldman

  2. Simon says:

    I found that Professor Cudo was very knowledgeable in Stargatz which I have and he also combined his considerable skills with his great ‘patient-first’ attitude. Despite his busy schedule he still had plenty of time to deal with my every concern

  3. zoe says:

    I am not too sure about this new treatment – from what I hear it seems very speculative and highly risky. Bursting bubbles in the eye… are you sure!??!

  4. Agneza says:

    On je glavni kirurg koji je, kao i njegovo osoblje, uvijek pokazivao razumijevanje prema meni i mojoj obitelji, te brinuo o našoj sreći i dobrobiti. Mislio sam da sam više od običnih zabilješki.

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