IMPORTANT: from Gordon

Hello Everyone,
I’m going to post here on Helen’s blog to share what I know about what’s going on in Zagreb. If anyone knows anything, please share it on here so we can keep each other informed.
All I know for sure is that I haven’t heard anything from Helen since late on Sunday night. I’ve tried to phone the hotel where she was staying, but I just get a strange tone. I don’t know what it means. I tried to email and phone the clinic, but no one answers anything.
I know that a lot of you haven’t heard from your family and friends either, and I haven’t heard from anyone who has found out anything.
I told Helen I was very worried about these trials. I followed up on something I saw on here about Professor Cudo and the clinic not showing up on a Google search. I just couldn’t find anything about him. Helen’s sister looked into it more closely and she couldn’t find any mention of the clinic or Professor Cudo on the website for the European council for Research into Sensory Restoration.
Please, if anyone hears anything from someone out there, let us know.
I’ll do the same. If we all stick to this thread now we can all keep track of what’s happening.
Good luck everyone.

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  1. Barnie and elsa says:

    Hey Gordon,
    We’re Tom’s flat mates, and we’ve been watching Helen’s blog to see how Tom got on in the trials. We were expecting him home next Friday, but when we saw that you hadn’t heard from Helen we tried to call Tom to see what’s going on.
    He doesn’t pick up. We werent’ expecting to hear from him before Friday, but we are a bit worried now that everyone else has gone quiet too.
    Can one of you guys over there just get down to Croatia to see what’s going on?
    Barnie and Elsa

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Gordon
    Jesus, what’s happening out there? I’ve been trying to ring PJ, and the hotel and the clinic. Nothing connects.
    Does anyone know what’s going on?

  3. Stewart Bannister says:

    Dear Gordon,

    I am very worried about my mother’s husband, Stephen. He left here just over a week ago, telling us that he had been referred to a doctor in Croatia for some treatment for his blindness. He left my wife caring for my mother, and only gave us his mobile phone number, which, it would seem, does not work out there.
    I had expected to hear from him on Monday to find out what flight I would be meeting him from.
    When I Googled ‘blindness Zagreb’ I found Helen’s blog, and Stephen’s video on there.
    We are all very concerned here. We had no idea he had put himself forward for any sort of trials, and his GP says he really ought not to be flying anywhere for any reason. As for taking off on his own half way across Europe… well, it is all very worrying.
    I am only glad that my poor mother has no idea how long he has been away, nor why he went. I intend to keep it that way until we can find him and get him home safely.
    Any news you can give us through this blog will be very welcome. It is the only source we have right now. No calls connect to the clinic, and emails go unanswered.
    Kind regards
    Stu Bannister

  4. Peter Marshall says:

    Dear Gordon,
    I am very concerned about this scheme your wife has talked my wife into taking part in. She has gone to Zagreb , against my advice, and I have grave concerns. It seems that they were not unfounded.
    Should you find any information I trust you will at least have the decency to post it on here. I am, of course, making my own enquiries. A contact of mine in Zagreb is trying to find out more about this so called Professor Cudo…
    I shall be seeking advice with regard to the part you and your wife have played in enticing my wife out there to take part in these trials.
    Be aware that, should I find that you two have benefited from any financial gain from recruiting Jane, I will be taking steps to sue you for damages relating to the emotional upset all this is causing to my family.
    Peter Marshall

  5. Martha Lawson says:

    Hi there, Gordon,
    I just can’t believe what I’m seeing here. My son told me he was going up to stay with friends in New York for a week. He said they were going on a road trip to Niagara, for God’s sake!
    When my neighbour told me she saw him on the World Wide Web I didn’t believe her, but there he is. My naughty little Laurence, making up all those things. And such language! And who is this Helen woman anyway?
    Now I have no idea if he is even in the US, or in Europe. What can I do?
    I’m so worried about him. He’s never even been out of Atlantic city without me.
    I’m begging you, Gordon, please tell me this is all just some sort of joke. Or is this what passes for art these days?
    Martha Lawson

  6. Father Etherlbert of Lucy says:

    Dear Gordon,
    We are all very concerned about DD and everyone else who went to Zagreb for the trials.
    We continue to pray for them all here at the Chapel of St Lucy of the Eyes. We shall pray for all of you too, in this time of torment.
    We will be watching your pages to find out what is happening. I have made some enquiries and people tell me that DD lives alone. None of us knows exactly where he went for these trials, so we have to trust in god, and watch your posts.
    God bless
    Father Athelbert

  7. Gordon says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I still haven’t heard anything from Helen. She doesn’t pick up my calls or texts.
    I’d like to let everyone know that I was dead against Helen going on these trials, and neither Helen or I have done anything to recruit other people to go out there.
    I’m so worried – I haven’t slept since Sunday night, I was so worried she would go through with it. And now this.
    For those who asked, the only way I know to contact the clinic is through the link Helen put on this blog to their website. But even the hotel phone just makes a dull noise when I try it. I keep emailing, texting and trying to phone.
    Is anyone else having any more luck?
    Peter, if you really do have ‘contacts’ in Zagreb maybe you can help all of us by finding out what’s going on out there.
    I hope some of you manage to get some sleep tonight. Carol and I are tearing our hair out here.

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