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8 Responses to “1 Oct: My Diary 2 – 13 days to go”

  1. BBrice says:

    Jeez, Helen, your man has issues. What is wrong with him? Don’t you worry, Sweetie, we’ll all be right beside you out there in Zagreb. Big hugs coming your way.
    Yours truly
    Bethany Brice

  2. Kerry-Ann says:

    Dear Helen

    Your last video really made me think. I will be coming to Zagreb with my husband, and I am really worried about what happens if he gets his sight back. All the little things I do for him, just silly things like checking who the post is for or a use by date in the fridge. What if he decides he doesn’t need me anymore?

    I think I realise now that I’m being very selfish. It’s not about me and what I need. I know I’ll love him just the same whatever happens out there.
    But I’m also afraid of what happens if it doesn’t work for him. How do we live with the disappointment?
    I’m very nervous about the whole thing, but I’ll be there with him through whatever comes of it all.

    Thanks for posting Gordon’s outburst. To me it is quite understandable. I’m sure he voices the thoughts of a lot of us who love our partners, sighted or not, and are worried about what you are about to put yourselves through.
    Best wishes,
    Kerry-Ann D

  3. LK says:

    My God, Helen, how do you put up with him? Respect to you girl

  4. JAKE says:

    Hi Helen,

    Please tell Gordon from me that I totally get where he is coming from. I’m sure I’d feel the same if my girlfriend was going for something like this. I respect your decision, but I do wonder if it’s the right thing to do.
    Why is there always so much fuss about sight loss anyway? I’m sure it’s awful, but he’s right when he says not everyone gets to live out their dreams. Plenty of people have limitations of all kinds put on them.
    You have been very fortunate to realise your dream once, and now you are very fortunate that someone has come up with a treatment that will restore your sight and let you chase it again. Many are not so lucky.
    Has it occurred to you that maybe Gordon has dreams of his own that he would love to fulfil?
    I’m just saying, that’s all.
    Cheers – Jake

  5. Bill S says:

    Helen, it’s a good thing your sister is there with you to support you. Going through these trials is a big enough thing, without having to fight to justify it with someone who supposedly loves you and wants the best for you. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Zagreb. Not long now.

  6. Brian says:

    I’ve just watched your video and I’m spitting teeth. I’m so angry. How dare Gordon lay into you like that? He should be supporting you. I really hope the trials work out for all of us, and you can take off round the world and leave the miserable old sod to himself. See you soon

  7. Joe says:

    Helen, Gordon can go and boil his head. You do what you have to do.

  8. Jazzy says:

    Hi Helen. Your Gordon, he needd a chill pill. No need for angry when you get your eyes fixed. Its good thing. Lol

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