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3 Responses to “Oct 13: Guess who I bumped into…”

  1. Steph says:

    Just adding this comment here as well as on my clip – I’m so sad I can’t be in Zagreb with you. I saved enough for the air fare, but I was trying to borrow the money for a hotel, but I just can’t get it sorted out to be there this week with you all.

    I’m still trying, and saving. I really want this treatment so badly.

    Keep posting the videos so I can see how you all get on.

    Good luck.
    Luv Steff x.

  2. Jamie McAllister says:

    Hello Helen and Jane,

    I messed up my air ticket and won’t be out there until the middle of November. Didn’t I say I knew me way around? 

    You ladies have a wonderful time and I’ll post my own story when I finally get there. Dr Cudo said he can keep a place for me, but I won’t be seeing you there.

    Jane, my lovely, don’t you worry. I’ll be down your way just as soon as my eyes are fixed up. Then we’ll be planning our world trip together.

  3. Janice Williams says:

    Hi Helen and Jane,

    I lost my job again. Just because of one little mistake with a poodle. Can’t afford to come now, but good luck.

    Maybe we can meet up when you’re back Jane. Talk over old times.

    Janice W

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