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7 Responses to “17 Sept: PJ in New York”

  1. Helen Helen says:

    Hi PJ

    I’m so pleased you got in touch to tell the rest of us about yourself. How wonderful that we have music in common. I do admire people who can write as well as play. I try a bit, especially since I can’t read scores anymore, but I just get frustrated trying to keep it all in my head. How fantastic it would be for us to play together in Zagreb if this treatment works.

    Your video was so moving for me, listening to how passionately you want to read to your daughter. And there must be so much more besides that you want to share with her as she grows. I hadn’t even thought about driving! You’re so right. It will be amazing not to have to carry everything around in a back pack all the time. I could even go out and choose a bag just because I like it, and not worry about how much I can fit in it and how comfortable it will be to carry.
    I’m really excited that you’re coming to Zagreb, and I can’t wait to meet you. I’ll practice winking so we can look each other straight in the eye and exchange a wink when we get our sight back.

    Have a great trip over from the US, it’s such a long way to come, but well worth it.


  2. M S says:

    Hi PJ and Helen,

    You sound so confident that this is going to work. I’m so scared now that I’m wondering why I applied in the first place. But now I’ve been selected I don’t feel I can pull out of the trials. There must be so many people like you two around who really want this, so I should take this chance. But I’m so scared it might go wrong and I’ll be left with no sight at all. I’ve got enough to get around now and I can manage to live alone without much help from anyone.

    You sound so independent already and I can’t work out why you’d risk losing what you’ve got.

    I’m not giving my name because I don’t want you to know it’s me when we meet in Zagreb. And I’m scared that if the wrong person reads this I might get thrown off the trial.

    Good luck to all of us.

  3. bOBBY says:

    PJ,Have you any idea how lucky you are? You do a job you clearly love and you’ve been blessed with the gift of motherhood. Isn’t that enough? Why do you want to go half-way round the world for some sort of risky treatment in some pokey little country? I think you’re mad.

  4. J says:

    To M.S. – I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling this way.

    Thanks for posting so I don’t feel so alone. Everyone else sounds so positive about it.


    I think you are all amazing. I came to look at this page because my mother has MD and I want to know what’s around for people like her. You are all such an inspiration to me, and I pray that the Lord will bless you all with his divine gift. My prayers go with you all. If all goes well in Zagreb maybe my Mum will be over there soon to get her sight back too. I will be watching. Please keep posting the video diary so we can all see how it goes. God Bless.

    • PJ says:

      Janice, I thank you for your prayers. To those who are scared, I get it. And you’re not alone. I wouldn’t call me confident, more like “fake it till you make it” yeah? To the judgmental negative comment, I say mind where you tred. It took a lot for all of us to share what we’re feeling at such a delicate time. You want to shoot darts at a dream? Go to some crappy corner bar. Maybe I am mad, and yeah, maybe I am lucky, and maybe the 2 are 1 in the same. To live sometimes means to risk. Helen, you’re a gutsy lady. I hear you about the score. Let us make music in Zagreb!

      • Lucy says:

        Hi PJ,

        Go across and show them, what you’re worth.
        I was so pleased to watch/listen to your video.

        Your life is very similar to my own and I cant wait to see how well youy’ll be doing in a weeks time. The pure joy when you come back and can read that book to your daughter, nothing compares.

        Cant wait to hear your victory song!

        Lucy xx

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